Enjoying Soccer The Philly Way

June 25, 2014

Who ever expected the USA to choose this world cup to fight and say in the ring? In past World Cups we have slowly been demoralized to nothing, and every time by the same foe, Ghana. Now we may have better healthcare, Infrastructure and an overall quality of life but damn can those guys play soccer. Fast forward to this year, World Cup 2014 in Brazil. First game in the new World Cup and we trump Ghana a whopping 2-1. Now it is not as if we beat them 4-0, but come on, we beat a team that has knocked us out for the past two tournaments. That has got to call for something, a drink perhaps? But I digress. Now with our final game against Germany tomorrow we must look at how we can advance to the K.O. round.
All we have to do to beat German is; approach France from the North, take the beach and slowly march towards Berlin. It’s a simple plan that worked in the 40’s so why wouldn’t it work now. But if for some reason that plan doesn’t work all we need to do is win or tie on the field and we clinch a spot in the K.O. round.If we lose however, that is where it gets tricky. We will be tied for points with both Ghana and Portugal if either of them win so it will go to goal differential where the U.S.A. has a slight advantage.
So now you have got the layout for what needs to happen to make it to the next round. But what good is a sporting event without a solid place to watch it. So we polled the office and came to a few decisions on where we think are the best places to watch the games.

Piazza at Schmidts – You want to watch the game in style head to the Piazza at Schmidt’s located in Northern Liberties. They have a giant screen that is prime for large groups and outlandish fans. The location also allows for ease of access to other bars. No need for a long walk to get to some of the best bars in the area.

Xfinity Live – Now when it comes to sporting event venues Xfinity Live hits the nail on the head. At no point in this five bar, colossal building, are you ever not looking at a TV screen. The food is great and the drinks are even better, but watch out too many IPA’s from the Victory bar and you might be waking up in jail.

Brauhaus Schmitz This German brew house is one of those place you take a girlfriend for a nice dinner… or to forget your girlfriend and get sloshed with the boys. Located on Street Brauhaus Schmits is a place where the food is great and the voluptuous women wearing lederhosen are even better. The beer is all authentic German brewed, and so is the liquor. Although we are playing the Germans tomorrow, and you cannot possibly fathom supporting a German establishment, give it a shot you wont regret it.

Good luck with the drinks and LET’S GO U.S.A.


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