You Stay Classy Aphillyated

July 28, 2014

Every year at Aphillyated, we like to find a way to sneak ourselves into the upper echelon of society. It makes us feel special to show off our education by saying, “That bottle of 1987 Chardonnay has a very nice bouquet,” instead of our usual, “Hey man you wanna slap the bag?” We do this by attending the theater; more specifically the Kimmel Center, to watch musicals and plays.

Now this may sound crazy but if you take the time to appreciate musicals, they can be very entertaining and extremely vulgar. I mean the musical “HAIR” has a part where the whole cast is naked, and “Avenue Q” has a full song so aptly called “The Internet is for Porn.” So even if you think they might be a tad feminine, they are more funny than anything. And topping the vulgarity charts in the musical world is “The Book of Mormon”.

For those of you that have not heard, The Book of Mormon is in town and it is opening tonight (July 30th). Thats right a musical about the Mormons.
Created by the brilliant minds of Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the Book of Mormon has been on a hot streak since its debut in March of 2011, winning close to every award at the Tony's and Oliver's. So we assume it’s good and thats why a few of us have tickets for the 29th of August. So if you feel the urge to put on your black tie, drink a fine glass of bourbon and watch a musical with Aphillyated, feel free... But much like every other event we will quickly drop those black ties for cutoffs and that top shelf bourbon for... who are we kidding we are drinking all the bourbon.


You Stay Classy Philadelphia

- Aphillyated


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