Is it time for the Phillies to say good bye to Chase Utely?

July 01, 2013

With the trade deadline inching closer and the Phillies continuing to hover under the .500 mark, the speculation of whether or not the Phillies will be buyers or sellers is starting to brew. If the Phillies are sellers (which it looks like they are), Chase Utley will be a piece that the Phillies may (unfortunately) have to part with.


(Photo courtesy of the Philadelphia Phillies)
With Chase Utley in his final year of his contract, the Phillies could trade him at the deadline and get a Top 100 prospect from a contending team, rather than have him walk at the end of the season and get nothing. But would Utley walk? He's arguably the most liked Philadelphia Phillie over his entire career and has been quoted of saying that he's never seen himself playing anywhere but in Philadelphia.
(Photo courtesy of the Utley Foundation)
Last year the Phillies parted with long time center fielder and soon to be free agent, Shane Victorino. Shane played the remainder of the season with the Dodgers and signed a pretty large contract with the Boston Red Sox in the offseason. If Chase is traded at the 2013 deadline, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Phillies get a Top 100 prospect AND get Chase Utley back on an incentives-based contract for the Phillies in 2014.


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