Phillies skid out of All-Star Break

July 27, 2013

Coming out of the All-Start break the Phillies had something to prove, whether they were buyers or sellers. The Phillies first game back gave hope of a second half run by scoring with a 13-8 win over the Mets. The next 6 games, no so much. The Phillies have dropped their last 6 games to the Mets (2), Cardinals (3), and the Tigers (1). The Phillies offense has scored a combined 10 runs over the past six games, including a 4-run game versus the Mets. 

To make matters worse, the Phillies will be without their budding star Dom Brown after diving for a ball during Tuesday's game versus the Cardinals and suffering concussion like symptoms. 

The Phillies are not mathematically ruled out of making the playoffs, but they certainly have shown enough to give the fans confidence that they have a winning streak in them. With Ben Revere, Ryan Howard, and Roy Halladay returning close to the middle of August, the team of replacement players would have to hold it together. But even then, it would be nothing short of a miracle. 


With the "tank mode" button engaged, Ruben Amaro Jr doesn't seem to be showing any signs of a sale. In fact, rumors were swirling on Twitter about a possible Chase Utely extension in the works.


And even previously dispensable players are apparently off the market...


Unless it's to the team that we got him from?


The Phillies have 4-games left until the trade deadline on July 30th and even a winning streak would put them a game under .500. It's unlikely the Phillies will buy...or maybe even sell, but anything is possible under Ruben Amaro Jr. Stay tuned. Go Phillies. 


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